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Tim's Take On...

Jul 25, 2010

This week's show is part audio dairy of my day literally spent waiting for a £5 ticket to the Dr Who Prom at The Royal Albert Hall and also once I'd got that ticket a joint review of the event with my friends Adam J Purcell and Fake Keith of The Staggering Stories Podcast.

Special commendation from me must go to my friends Sheldon Collins and Adam J Purcell who helped me hugely from not getting lost on the way home in a part of London I'm only vaguely familiar with.


You can find the Staggering Stories website, blog and podcast here I can highly recommend this show if you want a laugh during a long day at work.


You can see all of my videos of The Doctor Who Prom on my you tube channel


If you want to send me comments or feedback you can email them to or contact me on twitter where I'm @tdrury or send me a friend request and your comments to facebook where I'm Tim Drury and look like this in case you were wondering.


This week the end theme is Murray Gold's 2010 version of Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire's legendary theme to Doctor Who.