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Tim's Take On...

Jun 21, 2013

A self indulgent episode this week, hope you can forgive me for the change of format but three weeks ago we waved goodbye to David Keep of the DWO Whocast, he's off to America to start married life with Elizabeth. Three weeks ago we gathered in a pub, there was food, much chat a little drink and emotional goodbyes to a great guy.

Before all that we draw a line under the recent missing episode rumours(someone tell me never to cover this again it's a minefield!)

Next week we'll return to Gallifrey One coverage with the Missing Episodes panel in which you can hear the real story from people who know the truth not the endless fan rumours.

But this week is all about Dave, there's even some audio surprises in there for the old fella.

Photos of the pub gathering can be seen here

You can read the blog version of this week's show here

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