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Tim's Take On...

Aug 7, 2010

This week I start the show with a review of it that featured on a recent episode of Skuttercast you can hear their podcast in full here and I highly recommend their show as they are reviewing all the episodes of Red Dwarf.


The main feature this week is The Mind Robber Panel from May's Invasion Convention in Barking, East London. The Panel featured Hamish Wilson, Frasier Hines and Wendy Padbury, let's see how many of you spot that I misname her in the show.


Finally this week a short promo for the upcoming Whoverville 2 convention to be held in Derbyshire, UK in September.


If you would like to help support the show there is now a t shirt shop here a few designs are available one by me and the others by Craig Hansen.


If you want to send me comments or feedback you can email them to or contact me on twitter where I'm @tdrury or send me a friend request and your comments to facebook where I'm Tim Drury and look like this in case you were wondering. 


End theme tune is a remix of the Doctor Who Theme by Tony Gallichan of The Flashing Blade Podcast, Tony can be contacted here