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Tim's Take On...

Jun 29, 2012

The opportunity arrived for another of my famous or should that be infamous audio diary episodes, the occasion this time was the fifth anniversary of the Staggering Stories podcast. This basically led to a mad adventure in the Staggering Mobile, not sure which one of us was Scooby Doo, all the way to Cardiff and a few other places too. Had we all remembered how far away Wales is some of us wouldn't have had such an adventurous journey home!

End Theme this week is The Staggering Stories original theme by Tony now Siobhan Gallichan.

You can see all my photos of A Staggerign  Day Out here

Various video were also shot they were:

Tea Duelling Part 1

Tea Duelling Part 2

Trivia Smackdown

Morris Dancing for The Head of Pertwee

Staggering Stories 5th Anniversary Show recording

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